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Recent Questions
Q. My father has cardiac cirrohsis and has to limit his protein intake to 40 grams or less a day. How can we find menus, diets, foods to prepare for him? ..........answer
Q. I have always relied on prune juice for my daily bowel movements. How can I reduce this reliance? I don't want to take any medicine or laxative ..........answer
Q. Is the amount of caffeine in coffee the same as in colas? Do diet beverages contain as much caffeine as regular? .......... answer
Q. I would like to know what foods I can eat to gain weight and muscle back without increasing my cholesterol. Also is Ensure Plus good for you - does it increase your cholesterol? Is fish bad for you ie. shrimp etc.? I was at a doctor's office and in a book it said to eat fish three times a week.......... answer
Q. Does taking a bit less of RDA e.g 70% over a long period have very harmful effects? .......... answer
Q. Are dried blueberries as nutritious as fresh blueberries? .......... answer
Q. I should not have caffeine. How can I determine if caffeine is in a food? What ingredients do I need to look for on the label? .......... answer
Q. Adults are advised to avoid fats or high fat foods. Children, being active, requires fats to burn off. Is this a fact or fallacy? Or should children also avoid fats to prevent future health problems? .......... answer
Q. Does eating after 8 pm cause weight gain? .......... answer
Q. I understand that in order for the body to absorb calcium, it needs phosphorus. What is the ratio of the two components in order for the body to absorb it? And will the body lose calcium if the ratio in the food is higher on the phosphorus content? .......... answer
Q. Is coffee higher in caffeine or tea? Should pregnant women avoid such beverage? If the person dislikes milk, what other substitutes can be taken? .......... answer
Q. I'm breastfeeding my 3 mth old and would like to continue until he is 6 mths old. Is it possible for me to diet while making sure my milk supply and milk nutrition level do not drop? .......... answer
Q. I was for several years on a low fat, high carbohydrate diet but began to experience elevated fasting blood sugar levels. The doctor put me on a low carb diet with moderate fat intake. The blood sugar stabilized below diabetes levels. I have now developed gout and am told to eat reduced quantities of meat and high-purine foods. The resulting low-carb, low-protein, moderate-fat diet doesn't seem to leave me with many alternatives. What do I do? ......... answer
Q. My wife's recent surgery has resulted in a loss of appetite and nausea. She likes one of the nutritional drinks that provides good nutrition and 360 calories per 8 ounces. She drinks 4 of these each day. How long can someone use these for a primary source of nutrition? ......... answer
Q. My five year old son loves to eat salmon fish. My husband does not encourage me to give it to him, as he said a doctor mention to him that salmon contains high cholesterol levels (I know salmon contains omega fish oil). What is your advice? ......... answer

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